[Distutils] data_files and sdist

Paul Prescod paul at prescod.net
Sun Feb 22 11:53:01 EST 2004

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> Paul Prescod wrote:
>> Is there a deep reason that the sdist command does not include 
>> data_file files by default?
> AFAIK, the files which are included by sdist are defined by the
> MANIFEST -- seems reasonable to me.

I think that the MANIFEST is a bad idea. Why have a second way of 
describing what files are relevant? Setup.py should be enough. Because I 
think that MANIFEST is a bad idea, I delete it every time I build and 
let Pyrex generate another. This brings me to my low-level question.

Pyrex generates a MANIFEST according to rules described here:

  * http://www.python.org/doc/current/dist/source-dist.html

These rules do not include data_files. My original question was "why not?"

  Paul Prescod

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