[Distutils] Compiling Extensions with Visual Studio 7

Ju-Lian Kwan j3kwan at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 24 15:39:10 EST 2004


I apologize if this is somewhere in the archives, I did a quick scan of 
the topics over the last while and couldn't find anything. Anyway, as 
was pointed on somewhere after Googling, that intermixing stuff built 
with Visual Studio 7 with stuff from VS6 may result in bad things 
happening, so that's why distutils included with python 2.3  produces a 
"Python built with VS6, extensions must be built with it too" type 
message. However, I downloaded a source distribution, went into the 
PCBUILD dir and rebuilt the lot. I'm using the source tree (with the 
built binaries moved to appropriate places) as my python installation, 
but I still get the same message. Does anyone have any idea how I can 
get around this? It's probably really easy and obvious but I'm not 
accustomed to building Python from source.


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