[Distutils] build_clib

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 4 14:55:34 EST 2004

hi there,

I posted about this issue already in the past, but didn't
get any answer. In the hope that someone may know the answer
I'm trying again...:

I notice some code in the distutils package for a
'build_clib' command, for which the documentation reads:


Implements the Distutils 'build_clib' command, to build a C/C++ library
that is included in the module distribution and needed by an extension

I'm at a point in one of my own projects where such a command
would be very useful. Is this command finished ? How should I use it ?
I can neither find any documentation for it, nor any way to set it
up properly (the 'distribution.libraries' variable for example is not
set anywhere).
I'm about to implement something similar on my own, but if it already
existed I wouldn't need to reinvent the wheel...

Thanks a lot,

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