[Distutils] Compiling extensions with MingW32 / python.org binary

Michael Droettboom mdboom at jhu.edu
Wed Jan 14 13:24:06 EST 2004

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> Michael Droettboom wrote:
>> Moore, Paul wrote:
>>> From: Michael Droettboom
>>>> I've come across a possible bug with --compiler=mingw32 and 
>>>> --compiler=cygwin support when using the standard python.org 2.3.3 
>>>> .exe.  (I do this so I can distribute binary installers that work 
>>>> with the standard Python distribution, but don't want to buy MS 
>>>> Visual Studio...)
>>> I don't have a C extension handy to try at the moment, but I haven't
>>> had a problem in the past using mingw (--compiler=mingw32) and
>>> python.org python 2.3.3.
>>> Can you clarify what you are having problems with? Using python.org
>>> python with cygwin gcc (--compiler=cygwin)? If so, I have no experience
>>> with that, so I can't help (beyond saying that mingw works fine, so
>>> don't break that in the process of fixing the cygwin case!)
>> I'm having problems with both --compiler=cygwin and --compiler=mingw32.
> Please check your environment: could be that distutils picks
> up an environment setting that changes gcc to cc.
Here's my os.environ (no mention of cc anywhere...):

{'TMP': 'c:\\DOCUME~1\\MICHAE~1\\LOCALS~1\\Temp', 'TEXMF': 
/2.0.1,/usr/share/texmf}', 'COMPUTERNAME': 'MASTA-BOOM', 'USERDOMAIN': 
'MASTA-BOOM', 'COMMONPROGRAMFILES': 'C:\\Program Files\\Common Files', 
'PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER': 'x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4, 
GenuineIntel', 'CVS_RSH': 'ssh', 'USER': 'Michael Droettboom', 
r\\X11R6\\bin', 'SYSTEMROOT': 'C:\\WINDOWS', 'PS1': 
'\\[\\033]0;\\w\\007\n\\033[32m\\]\\u@\\h \\[\\033[33m\\w\\033[0m\\]\n$ 
', 'KDEHOME': '"C:\\Documents and Settings\\Michael 
Droettboom\\Application Data"', 'KDEDIR': 'C:\\cygwin\\opt\\kde3', 
'TERM': 'cygwin', 'TEMP': 'c:\\DOCUME~1\\MICHAE~1\\LOCALS~1\\Temp', 'SHLVL':
and Settings\\All Users', 'CLIENTNAME': 'Console', 'MANPATH': 
':/usr/X11R6/man:/usr/ssl/man', 'HOMEPATH': '\\Documents and 
Settings\\Michael Droettboom', 'HOME': 
'c:\\DOCUME~1\\MICHAE~1\\MYDOCU~1', 'USERNAME': 'Michael Droettboom', 
'C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\cmd.exe', 'MAKE_MODE': 'unix', 'SESSIONNAME': 
'Console', 'PATHEXT': 
'/cygdrive/c/PROGRA~1/PYTHON23/python', 'WINDIR': 'C:\\WINDOWS', 
'CYGWIN_ROOT': 'C:\\cygwin', 'APPDATA': 'C:\\Documents and 
Settings\\Michael Droettboom\\Application Data', 'HOMEDRIVE': 'C:', 
'OLDPWD': '/cygdrive/c/DOCUME~1/MICHAE~1/MYDOCU~1/gamera', 
'NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS': '4', 'PWD': '/cygdrive/c/Program 
Files/python23/Lib/distutils', 'LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH': 
'PROCESSOR_LEVEL': '15', 'USERPROFILE': 'C:\\Documents and 
Settings\\Michael Droettboom', 'OS': 'Windows_NT', 'SYSTEMDRIVE': 'C:', 
'PROGRAMFILES': 'C:\\Program Files'}

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