[Distutils] building a wrapper on OSX

Simon Burton simon at arrowtheory.com
Thu Jan 29 18:41:51 EST 2004

I'm having trouble linking my wrapper on OSX.
It works fine on linux. The linker complains about undefined symbols from the wrapped library.
If I use "-undefined suppress" the link happens, but then python stumbles with the same complaint
when I do the import.

ZMA:~/dsp$ python2.3 setup.py build
running build
running build_py
copying test_sndfile.py -> build/lib.darwin-6.8-Power_Macintosh-2.3
running build_ext
building 'sndfile' extension
gcc -Wl,-F. -bundle -framework Python build/temp.darwin-6.8-Power_Macintosh-2.3/sndfile.o -L/usr/local/lib -lsndfile -o build/lib.darwin-6.8-Power_Macintosh-2.3/sndfile.so
ld: Undefined symbols:
error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1

Somehow the info on the original libsndfile is lost.
Any ideas?


Simon Burton, B.Sc.
Licensed PO Box 8066
ANU Canberra 2601
Ph. 61 02 6249 6940

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