[Distutils] build_py support from setuptools

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Jun 10 02:39:23 EDT 2004

Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 June 2004 08:26 pm, Anthony Baxter wrote:
>  > While it would be kinda nice to have it in 2.3, it's definitely
>  > a "new" thing, and as such should be avoided.
> Ok, I'll leave it out of 2.3.5 then.  I'm not convinced that's the right 
> thing, but I don't feel strongly enough to argue.

I can see the reasons for putting it in - I can't see anyone
depending on the current behaviour ;)

My concern is about opening floodgates and all that. But that
might just be an over-reaction.

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