[Distutils] Installing scripts

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Jun 10 18:20:20 EDT 2004

[Fred L. Drake, Jr.]
> We just need to make sure the .py is there on Windows and not on
> installed scripts on Unix.

I have to ask:  is this "a Fred thing", or common Linux fashion?  Back in my
Unix days, I always left the .py extension on my Python scripts, probably
because I'm not Barry (i.e., I refused to stuff emacs turds inside my files,
and my emacs auto-mode trigger was something like *\.py$).

> This brings up a related question:  If a distribution provides scripts
> that end with .pyw, should they be omitted from the builld/installation
> on non-Windows platforms (possibly with a warning to the user)?

I'm afraid it depends on what the script does.  If it has a #! line, the
Linux shells don't care what the suffix is, right?  Python doesn't recognize
.pyw on non-Windows systems, but the extension isn't needed on those either.
So a .pyw may well work fine x-platform.

> Do we want a way to tell distutils about platform-specific scripts so
> they don't get installed on platforms to which they don't apply?

I think so, because it can't *guess* this correctly.  OTOH, it also seems
reasonable to me to say that if you're going to do such a thing, you should
code the conditional logic in the Python code surrounding distutils calls.
You're just trying to keep the logic out of zpkg <wink>.

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