[Distutils] Installing scripts

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Tue Jun 15 01:07:20 EDT 2004

On 14-jun-04, at 23:28, Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:

> Did we reach any conclusions regarding script installation?  I think 
> there are
> still some issues.
> I *think* we agreed that stripping a .py extension for scripts on Unix 
> is
> acceptable, but it's not clear that any Unix-oriented users other than 
> myself
> were involved in the discussion.

I'm fine with that (as a unix- and mac-oriented person).
> I don't think we can simply rip off .py extensions on Unix, since that 
> changes
> the set of installed names for packages that support older versions of
> Python/distutils; there probably needs to be some explicit gesture 
> that this
> is desired in the call to distutils.core.setup() (or maybe just in
> setup.cfg).
> I asked about silently not installing .pyw scripts on Unix, but I've 
> not seen
> any responses on that issue.

Please don't, unless MacOS X is treated differently than other unices. 
There is a minor difference between GUI and non-GUI scripts on OSX (due 
to a misfeature of the OS).

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