[Distutils] build_py support from setuptools

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Jun 15 12:52:23 EDT 2004

At 05:15 PM 6/14/04 -0400, Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:
>On Tuesday 08 June 2004 04:25 pm, I wrote:
>  > I'd like to merge the build_py improvements from setuptools into the
>  > distutils build_py command.  This would add:
>  >
>  > - an easy way to install additional data files into a package
>I've added this (the "package_data" functionality) into the distutils trunk
>(Python 2.4), including documentation.

I just glanced over the checkins; you might want to also mention in the 
docs that you can supply a global list of files/globs that apply to all 
packages, using an empty string as the key in 'package_data'.  This is 
handy for distributions that want to install all '*.txt' files or all 
'*.xml' files, etc. found in their package directories.  Actually, I 
suspect that this will be the more common usage.

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