[Distutils] Installing scripts

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at acm.org
Mon Jun 21 12:54:15 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 15 June 2004 01:07 am, Ronald Oussoren wrote:
 > Please don't, unless MacOS X is treated differently than other unices.
 > There is a minor difference between GUI and non-GUI scripts on OSX (due
 > to a misfeature of the OS).


So as I understand it, you'd need an extension to be left on for .pyw scripts, 
but could tolerate removal of extensions for other scripts.  This is a 
distinct case from other Unixes and from Windows.

I have a patch that will strip extensions for POSIX platforms other than 
Darwin (including Mac OS X), only if "build_scripts --strip-extensions" is 
used.  Given the special cases and another issue related to legacy support, 
I'm not going to apply the patch.

The other issue is one of supporting scripts that want to keep their extension 
(because they need to be command-line compatible with how they were 
previously installed) at the same time as providing scripts with extensions 
stripped by default.  My own expectation is that I'd want to ship a setup.cfg 
file that set this by default, but I'd want to exclude specific scripts.  
This indicates that the simple model of a boolean flag isn't sufficient.

I've posted my patch with a brief summary of these issues in the Python patch 
tracker on SourceForge:



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