[Distutils] Re: Msvccompiler.py

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Sun May 2 22:15:56 EDT 2004

Hey Scott,

I understand the complexities and I also understand your concerns, the
problem I'm trying to solve is that in some (albeit) rare cases, I know that
I can, and in fact, need to, compile an extension with a different version
of the compiler than the python interpreter was built with. I currently have
to modify the installed modules in the python std library to do this. It
seems to me that a solution that's put into that code that is disabled by
default, but allows experienced developers to more finely tune the
environment they are developing under is a better thing.

I'm not saying the solution I proposed is however the best way to do that,
it's just the one that I came up with that a) requires the minimum of code
changes and b) the minimum of work for the developers who want to use it...I


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> Ivan R. Judson wrote:
> > Interesting problem: sometimes you want to build extensions with a 
> > newer version of the compiler than the python interpreter 
> was built with.
> The problem is that Microsoft feels free to redefine how 
> function calls, for example, are translated between versions 
> of their compiler.  Calls across versions of Microsoft's C 
> compiler are as fragile as calls between modules translated 
> by different Python versions.
> > Sometimes you want to be smarter than the machine, so it 
> would be very 
> > handy to have some manual override in msvccompiler.py, in 
> > get_build_version(), perhaps something like:
> Seems a dicey proposition to me.  The chances of getting 
> subtle bugs in the translation would rise as far as I can tell.
> -Scott David Daniels
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