[Distutils] Module Versioning.

distutils-sig at claytonbrown.net distutils-sig at claytonbrown.net
Mon May 17 09:09:51 EDT 2004

I noticed a Module Versioning import technique in a module

Is there any reason as to why this technique could not be applied to the
site-packages directory to allow more control of which version of a
module is used.
Does anyone know if anyone else come up with a more appropriate solution
to this problem.

Perhaps this could be improved with a versionmodule.py <module-name>,
which could sniff a module sugesting/allowing user input of a module
major_minor_patch, moving it into a versioned directory. Allowing
setup.py's to behave as they do.

Are there any other standard practices which allow specification of a
modules version at time of import / site-packages with module versions,
that is known not to introduce problems when using disutils/p2exe etc.


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