[Distutils] thoughts on distutils 1 & 2 (addendum)

has hengist.podd at virgin.net
Thu May 20 05:11:22 EDT 2004

I wrote:

>Eliminating unnecessary duplication means the name shouldn't need to 
>be declared more than once (i.e. the package folder name). The 
>py_modules value is, by default, unnecessary. PKG-INFO is obsolete. 
>README can be auto-generated (though I kinda wonder just how useful 
>this really is and if it could be eliminated altogether). Both 
>install.py and build.py are generic scripts: the former can be 
>automatically inserted into the distro, the latter run from the 
>shell as a standard build script.

Oops, forgot to mention an obvious benefit for DU developers: 
eliminating a not insignificant quantity of code from DU. In 
particular, all module metadata handling 
(parsing/generating/verifying) duties can be handled by a much more 
useful general-purpose modulemetadata module in the standard library, 
to which DU would become just another client.



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