[Distutils] distutils on afs

Jason Rennie jrennie at csail.mit.edu
Wed Nov 17 16:40:17 CET 2004


Distutils doesn't work with AFS (or, at least, the AFS setup at my lab
:).  When I try to build a package with the `sdist' command, distutils
tries to do a hard link, which fails.  There's no code to deal with
this problem.  Some code reading revealed to me that distutils checks
for the existence of os.link to determine whether it should hard link
or copy.  Including the lines "import os" and "del os.link" in my
setup.py script fixes the problem---distutils uses copy.

I didn't find any information about this in the documentation.  I was
hoping that you might add a short discussion of the issue to the
documentation so that other poor souls like myself don't have to munge
the source to come up with a solution.



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