[Distutils] Passing in arguments to Distribution?

Jeremy Kloth jeremy.kloth at fourthought.com
Sun Nov 21 08:49:16 CET 2004

On Sunday 21 November 2004 12:36 am, Jeff Pitman wrote:
> On Sunday 21 November 2004 15:17, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> > Any recipes someone cares to share?  At the moment I'm thinking I may
> > just parse the options myself using getopt, but that seems like it
> > might cause pain somewhere down the road. I'm going to keep
> > experimenting to see if I can hack something in, but this seems like
> > it would be a common requirement, so I would imagine there's a lever
> > somewhere I can throw...
> 4suite's latest alpha provides an interesting approach--though I won't
> come right out and vouch for it because I'm trying to spec an RPM but
> it doesn't have the --record option--where they allow for sub-packages.
> This allows one to operate on only certain sub-packages for building,
> installing, etc.  Although PackageManager provides for this, it
> constitutes as a fork of the mainstream distutils and as such there
> will be differences or even missing features (--record).
> Anyway, seeing how it operates is beneficial for both discussion and
> potential py2.5 inclusion...
> take care,

I'm curious as to why the --record option is even needed (as I removed it on 
purpose).  4Suite's bdist_rpm command does all the work for determining which 
files need to be included.  Did you happen to look at the spec file produced 
by 4Suite?  Is it missing something we should be aware of?

Jeremy Kloth
Fourthought, Inc.

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