[Distutils] distutils with swig support

Christian Dieterich cdieterich at geosci.uchicago.edu
Thu Oct 7 00:44:23 CEST 2004


Some of my Python packages that build swigged code need to run swig 
with include directories and/or with macro definitions. The standard 
Python distutils does not provide this as an option, so I ended up with 
two sub-classes of the distutils package that I distribute along with 
the setup script.

I consider it more a hack, but my colleagues keep telling me, I should 
let you know, so that it might be considered for a future distutils 
version or that it is at least available to the community.

Below is an attachment including an alternative distribution class for 
distutils that applies the --include-dirs and --define options of the 
build_ext command not only to the compiler but also to swig. The 
include_dirs and define_macros keywords in the setup call are 
considered as well.

Usually the Python support file from swig is left unused in the src 
directory. The alternative distribution class also puts the Python 
output of swig to the build/lib.machine/package directory, so that it 
gets installed.

Here are a few lines of a setup.py script that uses the alternative 
distribution class. The two files dist_with_swig.py and 
build_ext_with_swig.py live in the same directory than setup.py.

# import setup tools
from distutils.core import setup, Extension
# import distribution class with swig support
from dist_with_swig import Distribution_with_swig
# set up package
setup(distclass=Distribution_with_swig, name="my_package", ...)

Happy swigging,


I used distutils version 1.0.3 of Python 2.3.3 to sub-class. In the 
attachment are also the patches for dist.py and build_ext.py.

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