[Distutils] patch for more SWIG support

Lars Immisch lars at ibp.de
Wed Oct 13 14:30:18 CEST 2004


I had a look at both proposed SWIG patches and I very much want one of 
them to be accepted (for the record, I wrote a very similar one a while 

Three very similar patches for SWIG support in distutils do make the 
point that distutils SWIG support is suboptimal.

Regarding Andi's and Christian's patches:

First of all, I agree with Bastian that a patch against current CVS 
would be nice.

Second, we should decide which patch to select. After a brief 
comparison, I prefer Andi's patch, because it is smaller.

Third, I agree with Bastian that leaving the option swig-cpp in place, 
but adding a DepreciationWarning might provide a gently nagging upgrade 
path and be consistent with Python's way of evolving.

Unless some major disagreement breaks out:

Andi, do you want to rework your patch and submit it to the sourceforge 
bug tracker?

I can try to find some time to do it myself if you cannot.

- Lars

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