[Distutils] re: Cross-compilation support in distutils?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sat Oct 16 21:59:25 CEST 2004

On Jul 27 2004, Tim Gilbert wrote

> As anybody who might have tried to cross-compile python before has 
> probably noticed, this isn't easy.  ... 
> After much furrowing of my brow and hacking of the makefile I've managed 
> to get the compilation to go through the whole way ...
> Once I'm a little farther along I'll put up a web page with some patches 
> and things that will hopefully make this all a little clearer, but for 
> now I'd like to get a little input.
> 1. Is there interest in adding cross-compilation support to distutils? 

Oh, yes.  Cross-compiling Python and its extensions (at least as of 2.2.5,
the version I tried) is extremely painful, and we need to fix that.

> (Beyond that of yours truly.)  If so, I'd like to get a discussion going 
> on some options for how to do this - especially, I'd like to have a way 
> to specify via configure arguments or a python script which libraries to 
> include.

Yes, yes, yes.

> ... 
> Cross-compiling python for ARM howto:
>      http://www.ailis.de/~k/docs/crosscompiling/python.php

I found this quite helpful.  However, I'm still facing the
problem of keeping setup.py from searching /usr, /usr/local, etc.
and finding locally-installed packages.  I guess I should
write a little patch to disable the implicit automatic
search of those directories.

- Dan

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