[Distutils] Re: bdist_deb patches

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Wed Oct 27 05:48:52 CEST 2004

I'm just doing a review of this code.  A couple of things:

   There's been some concern expressed about get_default_maintainer.
   Namely, that if debchange changes it's algorithm, it won't be
   reflected in this code.  It seems like one possible way around that
   would be to build a directory with a "debian" directory under it, a
   fake "changelog", and then call debchange to write the data out, and
   parse it.  Too bad there's not a direct hook into debchange to get
   that information.

   Can _formatdate, if email doesn't exist, use rfc822.formatdate()?

   Ditto for _parseaddr?

It looks pretty good.  However, when trying to build a .deb of my
jotweb2 package, it's failing with:

   cp: cannot stat `doc': No such file or directory
   dh_installdocs: command returned error code 256

I'm not sure exactly why.  I do have a "doc" directory in my main
package directory, but I don't reference to it in my setup.py or
MANIFEST.  Adding it to the MANIFEST doesn't seem to help this.

You can try picking up the jotweb code from
ftp.tummy.com:/pub/tummy/jotweb/ and pick up the 1.05 tar file.

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