[Distutils] small improvement of the script functionality under win32

Vivian De Smedt vivian at vdesmedt.com
Sat Apr 2 08:37:33 CEST 2005

Here is a small summary of the remark made arround the she-bang 
modification of the windows platform.

1. Trent let us know that the she-bang modification works only for the 
win nt sons and that in general it is better to use the .bat extension 
instead of the .cmd one

2. I realize that we shouldn't change the extension of a script if it 
exist since the extention could be usefull to determine which version of 
python to run
 - pythonw for the .pyw extention
 - python for the .py extention

According to these remarks and in the purpose to be as conservative as 
possible I make this another proposition:

The change in the she bang will happend only if
 - the win32 platform is detected (os.name == "nt")
 - the platform is win NT son (os.environ["OS"] == "Windows_NT")
 - the original script had no extension (os.path.splitext(outfile)[1] == "")

Furthermore I add the %* in the new nt she-bang to let the underlying 
script know about command line argument.

such that the unix she-bang:

    #!python foo bar

will become:

    @C:\Python24\Python.exe -x "%%~f0" foo bar %* & exit /b

I think that in these conditions the change could only improve the 
existing situation at least it improve for some them (Zope, Chetaah, 
PyCrust, IPython)

Tell me what you think about the proposed change.


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