[Distutils] Re: Eggs Meta-Data

James Gardner james at pythonweb.org
Sun Apr 17 13:24:29 CEST 2005

Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> Yes, I'll have more code to write then.  ;)  More to the point, once 
> you step outside of the "execution format" realm, you start to get 
> into massive disputes about what policies should exist and I really 
> don't want to spend a lot of time arguing about that stuff.  

Fair points, I hope I haven't implied that Eggs isn't good enough as 
just an execution format, I said right at the start of my first email 
that I think Eggs is very much needed and will be extremely useful and 
I'm quite excited about using it for my software.

> More to the point, when we have a solid execution format, it'll be 
> easier to think about those things than it is now.

That's true too.

> Let those who want particular policies write their own bloody 
> installers, documentation generators, and autotesters.  :)  

I'm still tempted to have a go at writing a package manager around eggs 
for my software so might just give it a go for interest.. eggs have so 
many useful features.. I agree though that as a serious solution you 
would need to arbitrate a serious amount of discussion to please everyone.

Thanks for your answers anyway, much appreciated.


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