[Distutils] Some questions about setuptools

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Aug 5 17:30:17 CEST 2005

At 07:59 PM 8/5/2005 +0800, limodou wrote:
>But I found some deleted files also included in the package. These
>files are .pyc suffixed. I use subversion. I checked the setuptools'
>code, and found that setuptools indeed follows the .svn/entries file,
>but it only retrieves files, and check if the file is exist. But in my
>entries file, just like:
>   name="EasyElements.pyc"
>   kind="file"
>   deleted="true"
>   revision="33"/>
>You can see the "deleted" field is "true", so the file should not be
>included in the package, even through the file is exist. So I think
>maybe the .pyc, .pyo file should be omited.

Did you try checking in your changes first?

>The another question is:
>I have below directory structure:
>     setup.py
>     B/
>          __init__.py
>          b.py
>          t.txt
>          .svn/
>                entries
>So B is a package dir. But as I run setup.py, the t.txt is not include
>in the package. I followed the source code and found it was because
>that dir A hasn't in version control, i.e. there is not .svn directory
>in dir A, so the setuptools could not traversal the subdirectory. I
>don't know how to write my setup.py script.

You need to put directory A under revision control as well; the entire 
project needs to be in Subversion (or CVS) for setuptools' automatic source 
finding to work.

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