[Distutils] setuptools test command on Windows

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Aug 18 19:08:49 CEST 2005

Seems I was late to try out setuptools.  Fantastic package, is my first
impression.  But I have still a lot to read and tryout.

But here is a first question: The 'test' command runs 'build_ext -i' and
then the tests.  Usually, I test my packages with several Python

Now, the problem is that the extension module is built in the source
directory, and is only compatible with exactly one python version.

This is on Windows, but I assume the problem would happen on other
platforms as well - the SF compilefarm uses the same home directory for
all the different platforms.  Binaries compiled for OSX Power PC are not
compatible with Linux AMD64, for example - but they all would have the
same filename.

This problem is not new, of course.

The workaround I have used for the ctypes project so far is a __path__
hack: the main module importing this extension tries to execfile() a
special file that is in CVS, but never distributed.  This file uses
distutils to determine the name of the build directory, inserts this
into sys.path.

Is there anything in setuptools to work around that problem, or are
there any plans or ideas how this could work?


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