[Distutils] setuptools/EasyInstall 0.6a1 candidate 1 snapshot

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Aug 22 15:55:29 CEST 2005

At 03:09 PM 8/22/2005 +0200, Christopher Lenz wrote:
>I've upgraded to 0.6a1 on one machine, and am now getting the
>following error for a fresh checkout of my project [1]:
>       raise ValueError(
>   ValueError: ("Missing 'Version:' header and/or PKG-INFO file",
>bitten [unknown version] (/usr/local/src/bitten/trunk))

Is there a /usr/local/src/bitten/trunk/bitten.egg-info/PKG-INFO file, with 
a 'Version:' header in it?  If not, then the error message is correct, and 
you should go to /usr/local/src/bitten/trunk and run "setup.py egg_info" to 
rebuild the project's egg-info.

>Previously I've been using 0.5a13. The project includes ez_setup as
>Is this a problem in (or incompatibility with) ez_setup?

No; it just looks like a straightforward error to me.  Older versions of 
pkg_resources (like the 0.5 versions) sometimes masked this error, though, 
as it used to be an AttributeError instead of a ValueError, and it could 
thus get suppressed in certain situations.

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