[Distutils] Trouble installing Myghty with --prefix

skip@pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Dec 1 01:34:13 CET 2005

    >> I'll take a look.  At first blush I'm a bit put off by the notion it
    >> seems to promote that somehow using .pth files is wrong.

    pje> On the contrary, setuptools deals with them just fine, and uses
    pje> them just fine.  The problem is that your *Python* won't process
    pje> the .pth files installed by easy_install unless you take additional
    pje> steps.  This is literally a Python problem, in that Bob Ippolito
    pje> has previously filed bugs and patches requesting that .pth
    pje> processing be transitive.  That is, that if you list a directory in
    pje> a .pth, any .pth files in *that* directory should be processed.
    pje> Guido has vetoed this at least once already, though.  The
    pje> workaround is to use an 'import' hack in your .pth file and call
    pje> site.addsitedir().  It's a pain to set up, but it works.

Thanks.  Perhaps it would be worth changing the wording of the text in the
URL you referenced to make sure people understand that it's the nonrecursion
pth file processing that causes problems, not the mere existence of pth


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