[Distutils] Choice of dependencies?

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Dec 3 23:00:23 CET 2005

At 08:53 PM 12/3/2005 +0000, John J Lee wrote:
>Is it possible for a package to depend on one of several packages, with
>the user having the option to pick?  For example, my package P might
>depend on package A, plus either package B or package C.

Interesting; I'd be curious to know what P, B and C translate to in real 
packages.  :)

>I know I could (ab)use extras_require, but in my case this is a real
>dependency rather than an optional extra.  The other option I have is to
>just pick one of the dependencies (B or C in my example above), and
>thereby force people to install it even though it's not strictly required.
>Neither option seems particularly attractive.

I'm surprised that such a condition exists; it seems like one of the two 
would be redundant.

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