[Distutils] local development scenarios

tgreenwood t.greenwoodgeer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 07:25:35 CET 2005

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I'm new to distutils/and the egg system. I have not researched the
archives as much as I should, so please excuse me if this is familiar

Q: Is it possible for dependency checks to work for non pipy deployed eggs?
 - A.egg
 - B.egg (setup_requires and install_requires A.egg)
 - email A and B eggs to friend
 - tell friend to : easy_install B
 - but B.egg does not install A...in fact, in my test case, it fails b/c
it cannot find A in pipy
 - in this example, what happens if friend does not have net connection
on target machine? how can they install from the eggs alone and get the
dep checking to work?

Q: How does my friend run the unittests on the egg that they have just
installed? As I am developing, I frequently run the unittests and after
every bdist_egg build, I also run the unit tests that way, too. How can
the consumer do the same?

Q: One of my apps is a command line app, say foo.py is a command line
app that takes arg1, arg2,... How can the user run this app when it is
encased in an egg?

Q: How do I define my own pipy? While I like the idea of deploying there
for the overall community, I don't want to send my half baked code into
the wild. But I'd like to try the general functionality of having a
deploy site for my beta customers. How can I set this up?

Thanks in advance.

- -Todd
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