[Distutils] Updated installation instructions for EasyInstall/setuptools

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Dec 16 21:14:27 CET 2005

I just checked in (and updated on the Wiki) the installation instructions 
for setuptools and EasyInstall to cover a lot of frequently-asked questions 
and problems (e.g. how do I install without net access?), as well as to 
explain additional approaches to custom installation locations.

The new docs on custom installation are at:


And the main installation instructions, now with better troubleshooting and 
alternatives information, is at:


Please let me know whether these are more helpful than the old versions.

I've also added a new section to the setuptools manual called "What Your 
Users Should Know":


This section provides developers using setuptools with notes on what they 
should tell users about installing their project -- such as that they 
should read the "custom installation" docs if they plan to install anywhere 
but the primary site-packages, and tips on issues ranging from system 
packaging (0.6a9dev+ only) to lack of network access.

Feedback on this new manual section would also be appreciated.

There is only one more feature I'm planning to add before the official 
release of setuptools 0.6a9: support for building and installing shared 
libraries linked to Python extensions.  If you are not using the 0.6a9 
development version yet, I encourage you to upgrade as soon as practical so 
that I can address any problems you find before making the official 
release.  To install the in-development version, just run:

     ez_setup.py setuptools==dev

after first making sure you have done any pre-installation steps described 
by the updated installation instructions above.  Thanks, and please let me 
know of any questions or problems you may have with any of the above.

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