[Distutils] Re: SWIG: two modules, but only one can be installed

Lars Immisch lars at ibp.de
Mon Feb 21 01:26:51 CET 2005


>>Try just:
>>setup(name = 'my',
>>       ext_modules = [Extension('mymodule',
>>                                sources = ['mymodule.i'])]
> Well, I had also tried this variant, but then distutils generates a
> mymodule.lib instead of _mymodule.lib and the Microsoft linker
> complains about not finding the external symbol "initmymodule".

I see.

Try changing the order of ext_modules and py_modules, please:

setup(name = 'my',
         ext_modules = [Extension('_mymodule',
                                  sources = ['mymodule.i'],
	py_modules = ['mymodule','my'])

- Lars

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