[Distutils] 'build_ext --inplace' and 'install' interaction

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 21 17:43:26 CET 2005

hi there,

I'v been using 'build_ext --inplace' for a long time
to be able to run my python packages in-place while
developing them.

Now I have played a bit with setup.cfg as it appeared
this way I would not need to spell out the '--inplace'
option on each invocation of setup.py.

However, with the setup.cfg file in place (and working
well as far as the 'build_ext' command is concerned),
I realize that the 'install' command doesn't work any
more, i.e. as it doesn't appear to know that my
extensions are now stored in place, it doesn't install

Is that a feature or a bug ? Is there any way to teach
the install command about build_ext using 'inplace' ?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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