[Distutils] distutils version numbering

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Jan 6 21:05:47 CET 2005

> distutils still is very much an independent piece of software
> which only happens to be shipped together with core Python.
> I would rather like to see it stay that way to make life
> easier for the developers of Python add-ons, so my vote is
> for the standard "change API, bump version number" scheme.

Fine with me.

I have fixed a bug in 2.4's bdist_wininst already (*), although that's
not an api change.  What should the next version numbers be then, in the
release24-maint branch and HEAD?


(*) One of my own, personal use cases for the distutils version number
is that I want to be able to identify the distutils version a binary
windows installer was built with - it is displayed on the first screen
if you run it.

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