[Distutils] ANN: buildutils-0.1.0 - Distutils extensions for developing Python libraries and applications.

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jul 7 19:12:54 CEST 2005

At 12:02 PM 7/7/2005 -0400, Ryan Tomayko wrote:
>I'm happy to announce that an initial 0.1.0 version of Python Buildutils
>is available.

Looks nice; I could easily see wanting to steal some of those commands for 
setuptools.  :)

Interestingly, there's some overlap between the commands as they exist 
now.  For example, your 'use' command could use the setuptools "develop" 
command to install and uninstall development eggs safely on all platforms 
(note that Windows doesn't do symlinks) and your code is making a false 
assumption that .egg-info will always be in the package checkout's 
root.  It might be better to have your 'use' command just be a wrapper for 
running the 'develop' command in each of the named projects, so that those 
details will work right.  (i.e., AFAICT 'use' is short for cd-ing to each 
project and doing "pbu develop".)

Also, there's some limited overlap between the new "upload" in setuptools 
and your "publish"; the difference being that "upload" only does source and 
egg uploads to PyPI.  (I just implemented a workaround for the absence of 
egg support in PyPI.)

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