[Distutils] py2app and eggs part deux

Kevin Dangoor dangoor at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 04:51:44 CEST 2005

I really want to use eggs, but I *have* to use py2app. Basically, the
issues that I see are:

1) modulegraph needs to know about eggs so that it can track down the
dependencies of things in the eggs

2) the eggs should either be put into the site-packages.zip file in
the bundle in "basket" form, or should be tossed directly into the
site-packages directory.

For the first point, I'm curious if modulegraph already knows about
zip packages. I didn't see anything in the code that immediately
jumped out at me saying "hey! this package is zipped up". What I had
seen was that the contents of eggs were just being ignored. If module
graph does have some knowledge about zip libraries, that would
probably translate well.

As for #2, the ideal would probably be to put everything in basket
form in site-packages.zip. I figure that by opening up the eggs and
only pulling out the referenced parts, the overall app can be smaller.
Any package resources need to get in there, though. For expedience,
though, I'm quite find with a little bit larger app that has the .egg
files stored directly in site-packages with a .pth file.

Any commentary on the difficulty involved here? (Bob?)


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