[Distutils] easy_install: fragment support

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sun Jul 17 05:37:45 CEST 2005

At 10:03 PM 7/16/2005 -0500, Ian Bicking wrote:
>Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>>At 06:17 PM 7/16/2005 -0500, Ian Bicking wrote:
>>>I've attached a patch to detect fragments.
>>Would you mind doing it as a unidiff?  I'm having trouble 
>>understanding/applying it without context.  Thanks.
>Sure, attached again...

Thanks; I hope you don't mind if I don't include the "make emacs happy" bit 
that I don't understand.  :)

>>>It seems better to have some magic version string for development, that 
>>>is neither more or less than other versions (or at least it depends on 
>>>context -- it's the highest version number when using --develop [should 
>>>that be implemented], and the lowest otherwise).
>>>But that's only useful given a --develop option to easy_install.py.
>>I was actually thinking that such packages should have their Distribution 
>>object be of a new 'type', which would have lower precedence than other 
>>distribution types unless development mode was in effect (in which case 
>>other distribution types would be ignored).
>You mean like a Distribution subclass?

No, I mean a distribution type (the 'distro_type' attribute of 
Distribution).  There are currently type codes for eggs, binary 
distributions (e.g. win32.exe), and source distributions.  The type code is 
a tie-breaker in sorting, when two distributions have the same version; if 
more than one suitable package of the highest version is available, 
EasyInstall chooses to use eggs or binaries in preference to source 
distributions.  Similarly, I was thinking we would select a type code that 
would cause CVS/Subversion checkouts to have an even lower precedence 
unless --develop was supplied.

I'm also thinking that --develop should take an argument: a parent 
directory in which the package(s) should be checked out.

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