[Distutils] Mail Delivery (failure ricardo.vieira@fmglobal.com) (FMGMSWRET-02EX)

BounceReplies@fmglobal.com BounceReplies at fmglobal.com
Fri Jul 22 15:12:25 CEST 2005

Your message has not been delivered to its intended recipient at FM Global. The e-mail's content and/or its attached files may not comply with FM Global's Electronic Communications Policy. 

If this is a legitimate business e-mail, please forward this e-mail to ReturnedMail at fmglobal.com.  You will receive an acknowledgement once it has been received. We will then review the message content and determine if it should be released to the intended recipient. You may also contact the FM Global Corporate Help Desk in Johnston, R.I., USA at +1 (1)401 275 3000 x 1299.  

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