[Distutils] How do I modify the swig options in my setup.py

Williams, Timothy J Mr RDECOM CERDEC NVESD timothy.williams at nvl.army.mil
Wed Mar 16 19:25:23 CET 2005

I'm trying to use SWIG to create an extension to access some third party
libraries I want to be able to change the options to include possible
'-includeall', '-c++'.  I'm using distutils,  but I don't know how to change
from the default options.

Also, a SWIG question: i build my _module.so and module_wrap.o, but when I
try to call one of the functions, I get and error saying that the last
argument was expected to be a pointer, but it isn't. I tried calling a
couple of functions and both times SWIG is expecting the last arg to be a
pointer. Any ideas?


Tim Williams

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