[Distutils] pkg_resources: failed require

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon May 30 21:58:41 CEST 2005

Ian Bicking wrote:
> Hmm... I think I got it wrong, this works fine.
> Maybe I was confusing this with a bug related to packages with spaces in 
> their names.  In particular, WSGIUtils: 
> http://www.owlfish.com/software/wsgiutils/downloads/WSGI%20Utils-0.5.tar.gz
> I suspect this doesn't work because it creates an egg 
> WSGI_Utils-0.5-py2.4.egg/, with a package name (in 
> WSGI_Utils-0.5-py2.4.egg/EGG-INFO/PKG-INFO) of "WSGI Utils"

Hmm... maybe I'm just confused about how this stuff works.  You don't 
require a Python package name, you require the more abstract name.  But 
case insensitive.  So require("wsgi-utils") or require("WSGI_Utils") 
works, but require('wsgiutils') doesn't.  Since require('sqlobject') 
worked (even though the package name is SQLObject) I had become confused 
by this.

So, not a bug.  But definitely confusing.

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