[Distutils] (b)dist-dir questions

daishi@egcrc.net daishi at egcrc.net
Wed Nov 16 00:32:15 CET 2005


I hope this is the correct forum for user questions
concerning setuptools/eggs, and apologize in advance
if not. My problem is likely due to misunderstanding
or obtuseness on my part, for which I also apologize.

I am trying to build a package using setuptools while
maintaining a pristine source tree. For the standard
distutils setup, I do this by invoking:
	python setup.py build --build-base=<here> install

Now for setups which generate eggs using setuptools
this still creates a `dist' directory in the source
root. Looking at the setuptools documentation, I
	python setup.py build --build-base=<here> \
		bdist_egg --bdist-dir=<there> install
and also --dist-dir=<there> instead of --bdist-dir,
but these both seem to place the "final" egg in
<there>, and no longer install into the invoked
python's site-packages directory.

I am wondering what the proper incantation might
be to use <there> as the work/temporary egg
creation directory (i.e., the equivalent of the
default ./dist), while still in the end installing
the resulting egg into site-packages.

I am using:
for my setuptools.

Thanks in advance,

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