[Distutils] MANIFEST destiny :)

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien at orbtech.com
Thu Nov 17 04:45:02 CET 2005

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> Hi Phillip,
> In general, I think you are having a different focus here
> than what distutils is trying to be and that's perfectly
> OK - you can implement all these nice strategies and
> automated decisions into your setuptools.

<major snippage>

> Look, nobody stops you from removing all these features
> in your front-end. distutils lets you do all this and that's
> what so great about it.
> My point is that you shouldn't try to strip down distutils
> itself just because you think it's hard work to support
> all these features in setuptools. It's not needed to strip
> down distutils for this reason as you can easily disable
> these options for anyone using your setuptools.
> As a result, both users of setuptools and straight
> distutils are happy.

Since I commented on Phillip's post, I figured I'd better comment on
this one as well.  In a nutshell, this has been one of the more
passionate yet even-handed and rational threads I've seen in some time.
 I'm impressed by the quality of this dialog and am hopeful that good
things will come from it.  Thank you both, for what it's worth.  :-)

Patrick K. O'Brien
Orbtech       http://www.orbtech.com
Schevo        http://www.schevo.org

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