[Distutils] Question about usage of pje's setuptools

Luc Stepniewski lstep at adelux.fr
Thu Nov 17 18:11:50 CET 2005

I have made a program that I want to distribute as an egg. The problem is that 
I need to put some files in directories like /etc/init.d and some 
configurations in a newly created directory in /etc. 
I know there is the "entry_points" + "console_scripts" stuff that I can use in 
my setup.py, but this is only for putting executables in /usr/bin. 
I know that setuptools is pretty new, and I understand the reasons why the 
sandbox refuses to create files outside of it, but if so, how do people develop 
big applications, that require configuration files, init files (at boot I 
mean), etc.?  
I did not find any example of big programs using setuptools that need global 
Thanks for your help, 

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