[Distutils] formencode as .egg in Debian ??

Vincenzo Di Massa hawk78_it at yahoo.it
Fri Nov 25 11:54:33 CET 2005

Alle 11:04, venerdì 25 novembre 2005, David Arnold ha scritto:
> But, if compatible versions of those dependencies are already installed
> as Debian packages *without* egg metadata, will these be ignored?

Yes, they will.

> Even if it was possible for Debian to extend this downloading mechanism
> so that it looked for dependencies via apt-get before trying to install
> from the raw source or egg or whatever, it would usually be the case
> that the user running the newly downloaded Python application would not
> have permission to install system packages.

I think easy_install coud be patched by debian packagers (or made configurable 
by Phillip) to add a further check on dependency checking: it could check if a 
dependency is already provided by system packages.

easy_install (and pkg_resources.require()) could have a config file telling 
what code execute to test for dependencies, configurable in a way that when I 
require foo-1.2.3 it can:
1) optionally check if apt (or urpmi or anything else) can provide that 
depenedency and, if apt has them, promt the user to either:
     1.1) run apt-get as root
     1.2) skip this step ( 1) ) and go to directly to 2)
2) check if it can find this dep like setuptools does today (installing them 
as eggs somewhere in the user's home)

This simple modification allows distributors to re-implement the run-time 
dependency checking conforming to theyr packaging policies.

Obviuosly it then is distributors business to maintain a database of mappings 
between distro specific package names and PyPI module names as expressed in 
requires sections of setup.py files.

Philliph, do you like this idea? It is just adding a hook to dependency 
checking where distributors can call ther depency checking tools. That way 
the Name+Vesion problem is resolved without putting empty files anywhere.


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