[Distutils] problems installing elementTree

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Nov 26 20:06:52 CET 2005

At 01:15 PM 11/26/2005 +0000, Sharky On PTNet wrote:
>    I'm getting problems instaling Turbogears when easy_install try to
>install cElementTree.
>   I have ubuntu breezy (5.10) with python 2.4.2. Any one can helpme with 
> this?

I've just checked in a fix.  The problem was that the effbot.org pages 
contained links that look like download links (because they include 
cElementTree-1.0.2-20050302.zip as the last path part), but which are 
actually links to a CGI that lets you view the *contents* of the zipfile, 
as an HTML page.

The way that EasyInstall was sorting candidate links was causing it to 
prefer longer links over shorter ones, assuming that the two links appeared 
to be pointing to the same package, version number, and format.  I've now 
changed it to prefer shorter links over longer ones, assuming all else is 
equal.  And I've verified that this makes it ignore the effbot.org CGI 
links and prefer the real download links.

You can upgrade your EasyInstall using:

     easy_install setuptools==dev

this will upgrade you to the latest revision from Subversion.

(Note: Windows users, please use "ez_setup.py setuptools==dev", as 
easy_install.exe isn't currently able to updgrade itself without permission 

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