[Distutils] script names that are same as top-level package do not work on windows

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Oct 1 02:59:41 CEST 2005

At 07:28 PM 9/30/2005 -0500, Matthew Scott wrote:
>Ran into a problem with setuptools 0.6a5 on Windows where a console_script 
>is named the same as a top-level package.

Hm.  Are you installing scripts and modules to the same directory?  Usually 
those are two different directories on Windows (i.e., site-packages and 

Come to think of it, that wouldn't actually help this problem.  I'll have 
to use some other extension for the files, I guess.  It's just that I was 
using .py and .pyw for console and GUI so that people used to running 
scripts the "old" way wouldn't be surprised.

I guess I could just drop the extensions altogether, but that's going to 
leave the old files behind.  (We really need an uninstaller for scripts.)

Another possibility would be to add '-script.py' so that it's e.g. 
'schevo.exe' and 'schevo-script.py'.  That way, if somebody needed it to be 
a .py file, it'd be there, but it's not an importable name, so it couldn't 
clash with any modules or packages.

Thoughts, anyone?

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