[Distutils] specifying --with-featurename with ez_setup.py / easy_install

Matthew Scott mscott at goldenspud.com
Mon Oct 3 00:11:02 CEST 2005

When building/installing a package using a setuptools-based setup.py,
you can do things like this to enable packages for optional features:

  python --with-featurename setup.py install

This is with 'featurename' specified in the setup() call thusly:

  features={'featurename': Feature(...)},

I can't figure out how to use easy_install / ez_setup.py to do this
though.  This doesn't work:

  easy_install -f http://example.com/dist PackageName --with-featurename

Nor does this:

  easy_install --with-featurename -f http://example.com/dist PackageName

Is this possible with easy_install?

Matthew R. Scott

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