[Distutils] py2exe has a new maintainer

Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at retzlaff.com
Wed Oct 5 02:01:20 CEST 2005

I am taking over the maintenance and support of py2exe from Thomas
Heller. As he announced a few weeks ago he is looking to focus on other
things. py2exe has been very useful to me over the years and I look
forward to keeping it every bit as useful in the future.

I plan to make the transition as smooth as possible for users of py2exe.
I don't plan to make changes to the license other than adding my name to
the list of people not to sue. I will try to be as helpful as Thomas has
been in supporting py2exe on the py2exe mailing list and
comp.lang.python. The mailing list, the SourceForge project, and the
Wiki will continue in their current locations. The web site is moving to
http://www.py2exe.org and the old site will forward to the new one so
any bookmarks should still work.

I will be releasing version 0.6.3 very soon with a few changes Thomas
and others have made over the last few weeks. After that my priorities
for py2exe will be:

- Support
- Documentation (which should help familiarize me with the code)
- Automated tests (to point out when I haven't familiarized myself
- Bug fixes

Any help on any of these fronts will be greatly appreciated.

After I feel comfortable with things, I hope to work with other projects
in the Python packaging community (e.g., cx_Freeze,
PyInstaller/McMillan, py2app, setuptools, etc.) to see if we can't find
synergies that will make all of them better. I recognize that different
packagers are better for different audiences because of licensing,
platform, Python versions, and module support among other things.
Working together on the common parts (identifying dependencies,
customized handling of modules with unique needs, etc.) should make all
of the packagers serve their niches better.

I'd like to thank Thomas for the great work he's done with py2exe over
the years. He's set a very high standard for me to try and maintain.


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