[Distutils] py2exe has a new maintainer

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 12:45:50 CEST 2005

On 10/5/05, Jimmy Retzlaff <jimmy at retzlaff.com> wrote:
> I am taking over the maintenance and support of py2exe from Thomas
> Heller. As he announced a few weeks ago he is looking to focus on other
> things. py2exe has been very useful to me over the years and I look
> forward to keeping it every bit as useful in the future.
> I'd like to thank Thomas for the great work he's done with py2exe over
> the years. He's set a very high standard for me to try and maintain.

And I'd like to thank *you* for taking over. I strongly feel that
py2exe is an important part of Python for Windows, and it would have
been a great loss if it withered away like Gordon McMillan's Installer
seems to have. Kudos to Thomas for passing the torch on before that

Best of luck with your plans for py2exe.


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