[Distutils] Improving distutils' script and GUI app handling

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Sep 15 20:49:55 CEST 2005

At 11:10 AM 9/15/2005 -0700, Robert Kern wrote:
>I have a feeling that there isn't a pressing need to be able to install
>.app bundles from easy_install. If the package maintainer is going to go
>to the trouble of writing a setup.py that can be used with py2app, he'll
>almost certainly actually build the .app binary and distribute it. Since
>they're standalone, they don't really interact with the other installed

If you can run a wx or tkinter (or other cross-platform GUI) app on Mac OS 
without needing anything special, but users would prefer to have the .app, 
it would probably be a good idea to have it, even if the original developer 
hasn't targeted that platform specifically.  For example, packages like 
idle or the pydoc tkinter GUI would seem to merit something like this.

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