[Distutils] Getting tired with py2exe

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Tue Sep 20 18:36:56 CEST 2005

I'm slowly getting tired maintaining py2exe.  It is far from perfect,
although it has interesting features (I would say).

The problem, apart from the work, is that it is good enough for me - I
can do everything that I need with it.  But I assume I use far less
libaries than other Python programmers, so a lot of bugs will never bite

It is also interesting that the recently introduced bundle-files option,
which allows to build single-file exes has gained a lot of interest -
although the ONLY use case (so far) I have myself for it is to implement
inproc COM servers which will compatible with Python clients (and other
Python inproc COM servers) because of the total isolation of the Python

Is anyone interested in taking over the maintainance, documentation, and
further development?

Should py2exe be integrated into another, larger, package?  Pywin32
comes to mind, but also Philip Eby's setuptools (that's why I post to
distutils-sig as well)...


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