[Distutils] setuptools package_data behavior

Greg Steffensen greg.steffensen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 21:22:42 CEST 2005

Oops, typo: I've tried using

package_data = {'' : ['*.glade'] }

in setup.py, not 

package_data = {'' : '['*.glade']}

as I originally wrote. The problem isn't the typo.


On 9/20/05, Greg Steffensen <greg.steffensen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey, I'm trying to use setuptools (which looks extremely cool) to 
> distribute a reasonably simple python package (clipartbrowser on pypi, if 
> anyone's curious), and am running into difficulty figuring out how to 
> include some data files. My package is more or less laid out as follows 
> (based on the example layout provided in Ian's setuptools presentation):
> clipartbrowser/
> ez_setup.py
> setup.py
> clipartbrowser/
> __init__.py
> browser.py
> clipartbrowser.glade
> repositories/
> __init__.py
> localocal.py
> localocal.glade
> I already have the code setup to use pkg_resources to access the data 
> files (clipartbrowser.glade and localocal.glade), and have tried to list 
> them under package_data in setup.py several ways (including "package_data 
> = {'' : '['*.glade']} " ), but they never seem to be included in the tarball 
> when I use "setup.py sdist". They are included when I do "setup.pybdist_egg", but for now I'd rather distribute using traditional tarballs. Am 
> I doing something wrong?
> Also, the README is magically included in the sdist tarball no matter what 
> I do, but I'd like to include COPYING, AUTHORS, etc. Is there a "correct" 
> way to do this? Thanks,
> Greg
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