[Distutils] Setuptools / Python2.5 status ?

Philippe Normand philippe at fluendo.com
Wed Apr 26 22:35:28 CEST 2006


I've read in PEP 356 that setuptools in the completed features list of
Python2.5. Then i've read a mail from Phillip telling setuptools in now
in Python trunk :

But PEP 356 mentions that bdist_egg won't be part of Python2.5, so i'm
a bit confused.

If i want to distribute software using Eggs for Python2.5, do the final
user or admin still needs to install setuptools himself ?

If bdist_egg wouldn't be part of Python2.5, it would be impossible for
developers to build Eggs, is that right ? So he'd still need to install
setuptools yet ?

Ok there are usefull scripts like working-env or virtual-python, but i
apprehend them better in the developer context than from the final user
point of view.

So i'd like to be sure that requiring Python2.5 for the final user would
make both final user and developer happy ;-)

BTW this is probably off-topic, but does anybody has news about alpha2 ?
PEP 356 says it should have been released yesterday and i've seen
nothing so far.


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